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In a 2021 study*, a survey revealed that among those that had implemented at least one pop-up shop, more than 80% considered it a success. The results also show that the primary reasons for activating pop-up shops were to create connections with current and potential customers, to increase brand awareness, to introduce a new product or brand to the marketplace, and to stage a new product or brand. While the respondents deemed revenue generated at pop-up shops important, they considered improving market visibility (e.g., through social media, website traffic, or media coverage) a more significant objective.

Looking to host your own Market and are not sure where to begin? Or maybe you’re too busy to spend the time advertising and planning such an event?

Makers with Moxie is here for you! We are a group of highly talented and experienced artisans that will bring the pop up market experience to you. The best part? We will even pay you for the event space (we bring our own 6′ tables and put a high quality “Artisan Craft Fair – Today” sign out front)!

There are many ways to host this type of market with us. We can help supply a “theme” for your event. Whether it’s a national holiday, food festival or bank holiday, converging your launch with a busy event is an effective way to attach your brand to a moment. Need a start? Take a look at the cultural calendar in your city and go from there. *Example* International Women’s Day 2022 is March 8. Several local breweries tied in to this and offered pop up markets the weekend prior and showcased local women-owned artisans and business. (Hog River Brewing Hartford, CT Valley Brewing South Windsor, Alvarium Beer Co, New Britain, and Labyrinth Brewing Company, Manchester)

  • Probably the best and biggest perk from working with MwM is our marketing reach and strategy. As a group, we have roughly 30k followers on Instagram and even more on Facebook and they will receive branded posts about your event that we will incorporate and design with your logo and ours. We will generate a buzz around your event among our loyal and steadfast clientele. You or us will create an event page on social that we will share, further engaging your clientele with eye catching photos that will seamlessly be promoted on social media.
  • Our Makers with Moxie group has two artists dedicated to handling Facebook and Instagram. Additionally, all artisan members of the group post regularly to their own social media feeds. We collaborate together to ensure that our events are well promoted and we use targeted paid ads as well. Another member submits events to Connecticut Magazine, The Courant’s CTNOW calendar, as well as to local Patch pages. You can be sure we are marketing so that your location and our artisans mutually benefit.

More and more brands are using pop up spaces as a social platform for people to meet IRL. Perhaps you could take this one step further and put on a series of events that would resonate with your community. This helps to promote your small business while bridging connections between it and the community in ways that go beyond simply driving revenue, thus further establishing and solidifying your membership within your community. Additionally, customers are seeking out supporting small businesses and this affords an opportunity to physically shop at a traditionally online store.

At the end of the day, a pop-up market can be more than just an opportunity to make extra money. Creating a physical space where customers can experience your products or services and get insight into the company can help create lasting relationships — which means more business and brand awareness.

While your main goal might be to earn money and build your customer base, we find that if you provide something interesting, eye-catching and entertaining for your guests, such as live entertainment etc, it will help keep people in your shop, and it will also generate buzz. We are experienced with what works in this type of environment, and are happy to help you realize your vision, if you decide you require assistance in this regard.

In the end, we here at Makers with Moxie are here to help out in any way we can to ensure your event is a success! Because if you succeed, we succeed!

Want to talk with us about possibly hosting a market? Great! We’d love to discuss it with you! Send a message to or submit the short form below.

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