Membership Info

*** CLOSED UNTIL 2024 ***

Makers with Moxie is probably unlike any group you’ve ever worked with. Our primary objective is to curate and market our own events and group members are given first dibs at applying as vendors. The group is led by a genuinely collaborative team of 5 female artisans. This team collectively searches for, inquires about, and follows up with spaces that would be interested in hosting our pop up markets. We rely on the main group members to engage with our social media event pages and be active and dedicated to promoting our group events so that we all may grow and benefit together! Because of this, we need you as a member to actively participate.
Group Requirements:

We have a minimum expectation that everyone participates on social feeds as much as possible when we have a market scheduled. First and foremost, interact with the market event pages on FB, including share Moxie Market events as well as like and comment on the artisan spotlight posts. You get the idea. Since we are self-marketing, we need everyone to do their very best to interact with our event page discussion posts, regardless of whether you’re participating in the event. The purpose of this group is to take an active role engaging with other member artisans, and in turn, they engage with your feeds. Everyone wins and our events grow. 

Ready to join Makers with Moxie?  **** CLOSED UNTIL 2024 ****