Membership Inquiry / CLOSED UNTIL 2024

As a volunteer run collaborative, we have a minimum expectation that everyone participates on social feeds as much as possible when we have a market scheduled. First and foremost, interact with the market event pages on FB, including share Moxie Market events as well as like and comment on the artisan spotlight posts. You get the idea. Since we are self-marketing, we need everyone to do their very best to interact with our event page discussion posts, regardless of whether you’re participating in the event. The purpose of this group is to take an active role engaging with other member artisans, and in turn, they engage with your feeds. Everyone wins and our events grow.

    We have chosen to be a women only members group, although men are welcome and encouraged to apply to individual shows for vending.

    Are your products handcrafted by you? If the answer is NO, please do not proceed. We only accept handcrafted artisans and makers.

    Have you participated in at least 3 markets in the last 12 months? If the answer is NO, please do not proceed. We only accept artisans and makers with fully developed displays and active market experience.

    Do you have a 10×10 tent and weights for outdoor markets? If the answer is NO, please do not proceed. We only accept artisans and makers with outdoor as well as indoor market experiences.

    At least one BOOTH or DISPLAY photo must be included for membership consideration:

    Please respond to the following questions if you think joining our group may be something you’re interested in. And thanks so much for taking the time to consider working with us. Time is hard to come by and we will be asking for a commitment to share in the group’s marketing efforts when needed. (sharing event pages on social media, etc)

    Additionally, we are a dedicated collaborative that thrives on bouncing ideas off each other in our private Facebook forum. At this time we rely on it exclusively to communicate with each other. If you can commit to using FB for the forum, please continue with the remaining questions.

    Are you willing and able to use the FB Forum to participate in our discussions?

    Are you able to bring time and talents to the group? There are lots of ways you can help out.

    Your Instagram Feed is: (Please include full address — as in

    Your Facebook Page is: (Please include full address — as in