Our Mission

To support and collaborate with women artists and makers in the Connecticut area by communally interacting with various social media platforms and hosting carefully curated pop-up markets that partner with local small businesses.

Our Vision

Founded in 2022, the Makers with Moxie was born from the perceived need for pop-up markets that strongly consider the needs of artisans and makers when planning their events. Our member base has grown to over 40 carefully selected artisans and we have hosted 7 successful markets in our first year! We strive to be a collaborative that works together for the common goal of success while forging new relationships and building each other up.

We are a strong and diverse group of powerful women and non-binary/gender queer people that strive to support each other, both personally and within our small businesses. We believe that art heals and that sharing what we do with our customers is more than just making a sale. We pour our lifeblood into our works and love to share our passion with our customers.

We aim to support and uplift artists with the goal of working to affirm people be their whole selves and honoring their various identities and life experiences. We resist oppression of any kind that marginalizes people in any way.