makers with moxie


Hello, Vendors!

We are so glad you will be joining us at a Moxie Market! As a vendor you can expect a robust marketing effort by MwM for each event.

For Angelorias, May 21 – $75
For BACA Branford, Aug 13 – $60
For CLCC Farmstand, Sept 3rd – $50
For Stony Creek Brewery, Oct 30 –  $50 {+$15 if you need event insurance}
For Charter Oak Brewing, Danbury, Nov 13 – $40
For SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY at Parkville Market Hartford, Nov 26 – $90 {+$15 if you need event insurance}
For the Social Hall Holiday Event at South Church Glastonbuty, Dec 10 – $55

Please make appropriate payment for your fee to our MwM Treasurer, Stacey Burwell. Her venmo qr code is seen below, username staceleecreations – last 4 of her phone: 5142

or Paypal as friend to @stacelee24 —